Introduction to Federated Wiki and Pattern Language

Workshop @ISSSMeeting @OSUAlumniCenter with @wardcunningham @michaelwmehaffy on Federated Wiki and Pattern Language. A few attendees claimed personal sites on . From , readers got comfortable with cursor keys and moving around #FederatedWiki. Then, from , recent history on advancing #PatternLanguage. Loose agenda at . (CH2M Hill Alumni Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon) 20190630Uploaded image

At the ISSS Corvallis 2019 meeting, a workshop to guide systems scientists towards collaborating on the Federated Wiki on was led by David Ing, Ward Cunningham and Michael Mehaffy. Topics covered include: * Orienting as one of the tools of the [Open Learning Commons]( * Appreciating Federated Wiki (show and tell) with Ward Cunningham on []( * Pattern Language on Federated Wiki (show and tell), with Michael Mehaffy on Patterns in Federated Wiki * Hands-on with Federated Wiki

This was the second of Three Workshops at ISSS 2019