Introduction to the Open Learning Commons and the Digital Life Collective

Workshop @ISSSMeeting @OSUAlumniCenter with @bortseb on Open Learning Commons and Digital Life Collective @tech_we_trust. Team of stewards convened for official launch of open source tools for collaboration, towards the promise of learning journeys for which artifacts endure. Relaxed pace through (CH2M Hill Alumni Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon) 20190630

At the ISSS Corvallis 2019 meeting, a workshop inviting systems scientists to collaborate on tools of the [Open Learning Commons]( was led by Robert Best and David Ing. Topics covered include: * [Technologies enabling conversations at varying paces]( * [Joining the Open Learning Commons]( (hands-on with in-person support) * Orienting towards collaborating at a distance (hands-on with in-person support)

This was the first of Three Workshops at ISSS 2019