Patterns in Federated Wiki

I've 35 years experience with patterns and their continuing application to the built environment. Here I collect a variety of experiments using the Federated Wiki to write, apply and evolve pattern languages.

Welcome to the start page for the WikiPlace Carbon Modeling Project. If you want to jump into a demonstration, click on this link:

Westwind is a retreat and conference center on the Oregon coast. I was one of a group of Federated Collaborators that spent a weekend collecting patterns that are and could be.

Each pattern addresses a particular kind of challenge that often occurs for bicycles, and offers a practical way of making a safer, easier path for bikes. Links are included to other resources, specifications and other technical information, including research.

This site allows you to see, apply, revise and add to best practice patterns in design of hospital patient environments. You'll get the collaborative and real-time power of Wiki, along with extensive links to peer-reviewed research.

We believe revised versions of these five classic patterns make for a good foundation of innovative neighborhood scenario modeling system.